Hello and welcome to! In less than a month this website will provide you with a brand new file search engine that will completely transform your attitude and approach towards file search services. We have decided to create a new search engine, made to bring you any file available on web and make it free for all. Please, follow the updates.

As soon as the above statement with big promises needs a better explanation – read the following description of the file search engine that will become available on this domain in a few weeks. First of all, let me explain the major difference between a classic and a file search engine. A classic search engine brings you all the web pages matching (or at least nearly matching) you search query. If you're looking for a particular file and even add "download" keyword into your search query, the search engine will return a bunch of pages that may be optimized for that request, but not necessarily contain the file you need. Hence, you need to dig through a number of useless pages, watch tons of advertisement and with a risk to infect your computer with harmful software. Now, a file search engine does not search for web pages – it only looks for live files hosted on various file shares, storages and even stand-alone web servers and brings you plain download links. Seems promising, huh? Moreover, each search request returns many links so you are free to choose any of them with better download speed. Brilliant, isn't it? Our sophisticated technology is aimed to index billions of files hosted on web servers across the world and bring you quality, relevant and clean search results with direct download link. According to our studies, an average surfer spends up to 30 minutes searching for the necessary file in classic search engines, while it takes less than a minute to find and download your file with engine. Save your time for better things!

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